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About Us


We at Sri Balaji Agencies started out our journey in 2008, and have come a long way ever since then. We are stockist, traders and distributors of Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL) products. Our range of products includes various sizes of Beams, Columns, Angles, Channels and Plates.

Though fairly new in terms of establishment of the company when compared with others, we have indicated some remarkable statistics and have certainly made an impact in the trading business. We hold a MOU with JSPL as well as are one of the exclusive dealers for their Rail & Universal Beam Mill (RUBM) in Chennai. That is not all. We have displayed continuous growth, not in small percentages, but exponentially. With an annual turnover for FY 13-14 at INR 2.5 billion in comparison with the turnover for FY 12-13 at INR 1.5 billion (Growth at 63%), we have shown that we mean business.

Our company was founded and ever since promoted by Mr. Munish Khemka, a name well known amongst businessmen in Chennai. He is known for his hard work, honesty and intelligence with which he has won the respect and love of many. He comes from an experienced business background with knowledge in various fields. His guidance and support at each step is what has helped us grow tremendously.


We at Sri Balaji Agencies work towards making healthy business opportunities with both new and existing customers. By providing strong support through transparency and communication, there is hardly any room for error. It is the same reason why it is so easy doing business with us.

Our mission is to do better than what we did yesterday, both in terms of customers satisfaction as well as supplier distribution.

We are constantly exploring new ideas to grow as an entity and enhance our capabilities. This way it is a learning curve for us. With this attitude no task is too big or small for us. This is why we take complete pride and joy in what we do.


Our team might be as fresh as we are, but don’t let that deceive you. They are a young bunch who are enthusiastic, energetic and hardworking to say the least. Well informed about the market players and the customers, they know how to do it best.

They are here always, more than willing to extend our full support to you in any way.


We take complete pride in serving all our customers, because they are the ones who make us. Here are names of a few, who would vouch for us:

  • ReGen Power Tech
  • Diamond Engineering
  • Techofab Manufacturing
  • L&T

Product Description


Carbon steel structural beams are manufactured in two configurations. Both are constructed with a vertical web in the center of the beam, with horizontal flanges on top and bottom. The structure of the beam provides superior load-bearing support.

I- and H- beams are widely used in the construction industry to provide support for buildings and load-bearing walls. They are available in a variety of standard sizes and selected based on the applied load for the required application.

Applications for I-Beam Include:

  • Construction support beams for commercial and residential construction
  • Support frames and columns for trolley ways, lifts and hoists
  • Mezzanines and platforms
  • Trailer and truck bed framing

Applications for H-Beam Include:

  • Construction support beams for commercial and residential construction
  • Mezzanines and platforms
  • Support structure for Bridges
  • Trailer and truck bed framing
  • Machine bases


A channel is a right angle "C" section. They are also called C Channels. These are roll-formed products. Steel channels are used for applications ranging from building construction such as:

  • Purling for Sheds
  • Scaffoldings in construction Industries
  • Supporting frames for Structures

to equipment manufacturing such as Base frames of heavy machinery and automotive. Mostly MS Channels are used as supports and guide.


Steel angles, or angled iron, are essential tools in any architectural project. They can be made either from a single piece of iron or steel bent lengthwise to a particular angle -- usually 90 degrees -- or by attaching two pieces together at the desired angle. The larger the steel angle, the more weight and stress it can bear. Steel angles are used broadly, from major construction work to basic home improvement, but they fall into several broad categories.

  • Steel angles can be used as braces to help reinforce structures. The structures can be as large and wide as ceilings in a skyscraper, or as small as the corners of a desk or table. Bolting steel angles to the corners of any construct will hold pieces in place and increase the structure's stress-bearing capability and longevity.


Steel plates are often used for structural and construction applications, pressure vessels, marine and offshore equipment, and military applications. The grade, elements and parameters of a steel plate are also important in how it is used.

  • Types: A steel plate is a broad and generic term for steel in the form of a plate. However, steel can be combined with other metals to form alloys, which can make them corrosion resistant, stronger or lighter. In addition to what alloy of steel plate is made, the thickness can range from 2mm to several inches.
  • Construction: The construction industry requires many types of steel in all sizes. Steel plates can be found in buildings, bridges and on construction vehicles structural steel plates for use in sports stadiums, airports, pre-fabricated buildings, warehouses, railway stations and vehicles.


There are two types of rail’s manufactured by JSPL. The first one is the Indian Crane Rails. Crane rails are designed for carrying heavy loads and are used in a wide variety of applications. There are used mainly for the following lifting cranes:

  • EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling)
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Rotary Overhead Cranes

Second are the Track Rails. JSPL has pioneered manufacturing of 121-meter (world’s longest) long track rails and a facility to factory weld these rails in welded lengths of up to 480 meters.

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Contact Us

  • Office Address
    Anupam's J.P.Tower, D-126, 2nd floor, 1st Main Road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-600102
  • Godown Address
    Survey No 122-2, Kadapakkam Village, Andarkuppam post, Manali, Chennai - 600103.
  • Mr. Munish Khemka - +91 9840067871
    Mr. V. Balaji - +91 9840198113
    Mr. Pragun Khemka - +91 9840012603
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